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Aston By Sutton Primary School


A school has existed on this site since 1873, the original building burning down after a Christmas party of 1909.

Father Christmas had hidden in the loft and made his dramatic entry at the end of the party from the roof of the hall. He had, however, left his candle candle burning and when everyone had gone, this candle caused the fire which eventually gutted the building. Only the head teachers, house, which was joined to the school, survived. Temporary accommodation was found in the chapel at nearby Preston Brook, until the new school re-opened in 1913. The present day building is sited some distance from the former head teacher's house.

Little altered until the early 1970's when the wall separating the boy's and girl's play areas was removed. The school's old outside toilets were de-commissioned in 1988 and indoor facilities were provided.

A mobile classroom was added the following year as school numbers increased. This was located on the site of a Second World War air-raid shelter.

More recent changes have seen the development of the school estate. Woodland,pond, hedgerow and meadow have added to the variety of the sites used as educational resources.

The school is now in the process of having a new classroom to the rear of the building providing a teaching and learning base for the older children.

Aston By Sutton Primary School