Sutton Weaver Post Office - 1930

This picture postcard of Sutton Weaver Post Office was taken in 1930. The boy in the photograph is Harry Peacock. His father owned the Post Office and shop.

Note the telephone kiosk is in a different place than now.

Brief History

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Sutton Weaver’s Ancient Monument

I wonder how many people knew that we have an Ancient Monument - and what it is?

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Sutton Weaver Sweet Factory

Did you know we had a Sweet Factory?

The village that wouldn't be swallowed

Runcorn new town was built to the east of the existing Runcorn old town in the 1960-70s. During its planning stage the new town was to include the village of Sutton Weaver. However, the village residents disapproved of the plan and went into action.

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Sutton Weaver Railway Station

Whatever happened to it?

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Sutton Tunnel Railway Accident - 30th April 1851

On the 30th. April 1851 a terrible railway accident happened in Sutton Tunnel.

5 people were killed outright, 4 died later and some 40 people were seriously injured, and about 1600 people were milling around in the complete darkness of the tunnel. A scene of fearful confusion ensued in the complete blackness. The noise of the next approaching train was then heard!

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Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge

Its history and future. Click below

Photographs tell the perfect story.

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