Your Councillors

Sutton Weaver Parish Councillors

Brian Starkey (Chair) Tel. 719511
Will Watson (Vice Chair) Tel. 715727
Rachel Austin Tel. 714066
Simon Richards Tel. 701020
Hannah Bullock Tel. 897205
David Crombie Tel. 714152

Clerk - Irene Derbyshire Tel. 07824 508722

Your Parish Council has a vacancy for a Councillor. If you are interested then please contact the Parish Clerk or any of the Councillors.

Village Plan

The Parish Council have now published the 'Village Plan' for Sutton Weaver. It can be viewed by clicking the following link:

The Parish Council website can be viewed here:

Weaver Vale

Mike Amesbury Tel 01928620061


mike amesbury

Mike Amesbury

Passport crop

Ralph Oultram


Ralph Oultram Tel 01606/853543